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The Making of Summer of Sketching Notebooks

New Video! The ninth edition of Dapper Notes was made in collaboration with Eric Friedensohn, to celebrate Summer of Sketching. While constructing the notebooks, Eric shot a lot of behind-the-scenes footage, and compiled it all into this one-minute,...

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Enonspiration 16

This is the 16th installment of #enonspiration, where I share people who inspire me. Go check them out and show them some well-deserved love: @lantru  Lan’s illustrations appear simple at first glance, but theres oh so...

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Win a Sold Out Dapper Notes

When I make my pocket notebooks, if they don't come out flawless, I won't put them up for sale, which leaves me with a handful of slightly-less-than-perfect notebooks. What does “a little off” mean? Most of...

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All About Fabric Notebook Covers

Out of all the things that make Dapper Notes special, one feature that stands out above the rest are the fabric covers. If you haven't seen my notebooks in person yet, let me explain: How Dapper Notes covers are made When I...

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Enonspiration 15

This is the 15th, and a very special edition of #enonspiration, where I share people who inspire me. I normally talk about a handful of creatives, but today is dedicated to the one and only, my...

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Enonspiration 14

My last new Instagram post for 2016 is a sweet one. Bittersweet, actually, but let’s not get technical with the chocolate, shall we? This is the 14th installment of #enonspiration, where I share people who inspire...

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How Dapper Notes Are Made

Well, this isn't the step-by-step how to make Dapper Notes from scratch. It's a video! For the sixth edition, The Runner, I filmed my process of putting together the notebooks from start to finish, and cut...

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