Keeping up the pace with a waitlist

Keeping up the pace with a waitlist

Things are changing a bit in how you can sign up for the Bookhead Club. I'm very blessed to have had the number of Bookhead Club subscribers grow steadily over the years. This is no doubt in large part thanks to all of you sharing my videos and allowing my Reels and TikToks to reach millions of eyeballs. A large viewership means more people discover my work, which in turn means more stationerds wanting to purchase Dapper Notes. But I have my limits.

What happened?

I am one person creating every notebook, and would like to keep it that way. I'm not in the business of infinite growth, and I'm not interested in becoming a manager of a large stationery production business. I want to continue creating notebooks for the joy it brings me, and hopefully the joy it brings you too. This means that there's a limit to how many pieces I can make for each bi-monthly – that's once every other month, not twice a month – Bookhead Club release.

Up until now, I've gotten away with always having an option on my website for purchasing the Bookhead Club. It was an item that was always in stock and you could sign up for a just-released or an upcoming edition at any time. This is changing.

What's changing?

Moving forward I'll have limited stock of Bookhead Club subscriptions, and once that's sold out there will be a special waitlist you can sign up for right on the Bookhead Club product page.

Before we get into more technicalities, a bit of important production background: When I make a batch of notebooks, I always produce more than I actually need. If you're ordering say 100 custom notebooks, I'll probably actually make about 120. This is because every single batch I produced (ever) has had a percentage of notebooks that came out imperfect for one reason or another. Common quality control rejections include: an overglued cover, extremely-misaligned sewing stations (the holes I sew through), or a crooked cut. The are many other things that can go wrong, but the point stands: each batch has failures.

Getting on the waitlist

In the past two years, each Bookhead Club production has gotten larger in number than the previous one. While I'm making a lot of notebooks, until the notebooks are completed, I cannot know how many will pass QC and be available for you. Practically speaking this means that I always produce enough notebooks for all current subscribers, plus a bunch more for new subscribers, individual purchasing, and the inevitable production failures. Which is where the new plan and waiting list come into play.

When can I join the Bookhead Club?

After I complete production for a new Bookhead Club edition, I'll have a final count of how many notebooks came out good. Outside the ones reserved for active subscribers, I'll be setting aside three portions:

  1. First opportunity:
    Right as I send my heads up email to all active subscribers, I will make a portion of subscriptions available on the website. This typically happens about ten days before an edition is released, and at the same time a special email will be sent to all those who signed up for the waitlist.
  2. Second opportunity:
    Another portion will be available for new Bookhead Club signups once the edition goes live.
  3. Singles too:
    I recognize that joining a subscription is not for everyone, so I will continue to make a third portion of the notebooks available for purchase individually.

This plan will allow for two opportunities in each release cycle to join the Bookhead Club. And if you sign up to my Journey newsletter, I also typically note the date for upcoming releases, so you should be able to plan ahead if you so wish.

Can I still do a one-time purchase?

No. Another thing that's changing is that subscriptions will only be available as auto-renewing. On my end it has become enormously complex for me to manage multiple stocks in multiple ways for a variety of paper styles. For my own sanity, I've decided to move all signups to auto-renewing only. Keep in mind that you can always manage and cancel your auto-renewing subscription at any time by signing into your account.

Do active subscribers need to join the waitlist?

If you're signed up with auto renewal, your subscription will renew regardless whether new signups are available on the website. If you're not signed up with auto renewal and would like a notification when new slots are open, then yes, do join the waitlist.

As with all things in Dapper Notes land, everything I mentioned here is a work in progress. I feel confident that this is a good plan that will allow me to continue enjoying making and sharing notebooks for a long while. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to message me at any time.