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Make every day a chance to remember, and plan for a better tomorrow.
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The softest cover, and a fabric endsheet
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Hand-made in Fair Lawn

The nicest things are for everyone, so go ahead: journal with joy, make every doodle fabulous. Dapper Notes are fabric notebooks made by Enon Avital, an artist and stationery craftsperson, operating in Fair Lawn, New Jersey since 2016.

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№ 1 quality graphite
Experience the smooth lead in genuine cedar tipped pencils
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Dapper Notes Reviews

Highest quality construction and materials, keen eye for detail, and delicious design, month after month.


Dapper Notes are the best quality pocket sized notebooks you can get. The textile cover and thread binding means the books will hold up through time. I love the thick paper as well; good for fountain pens.


I am a lover of texture, both visually and physically, so the different book covers are perfect for me!


Wow, beyond beautiful. They are very well made and sweet. Thrilled to have these gorgeous notes.


Beautifully made, exceptional craftsmanship, wonderful customer service!


I love this notebook. It's beautifully hand crafted, very sturdy, and makes a great conversation piece. 10/