New Screen Printed Packaging for Bookhead Club Welcome Kits

New Screen Printed Packaging for Bookhead Club Welcome Kits

Back in August 2020 I introduced welcome boxes for the Bookhead Club. Sending the first shipment of your subscriptions inside a nice package is a great way to kick off a year of stationery. Over time I've added items into the welcome box, like a pencil, pen, eraser, and special candy. Along with the contents of the box, the outside has changed as well. 

The first box

The 2020 design was lovely and fitting for the packaging visuals I was using at the time. It has Mark Caneso's "Live Dapper" lettering on the outside, the same lettering on the standard tissue paper, and a secret fake USPS label on the box's underside that was hidden by the shipping label.

Custom printed subscription mailer box in a variety of angles
The first Bookhead Club welcome box in the original Dapper Notes branding

Box two, new branding

I designed the second box to coincide with the branding update in early 2022. The new design incorporated a lot of new phrases, sticker designs, the new mascot, and of course the new colors and typefaces. Along with the box came a special sheet of tissue paper to complete the look.

Custom printed subscription mailer box in a variety of angles
An updated design with the new Dapper Notes branding. Also included: a screen printed eraser and Starkist Candy Fruit Gem.

Take three: a hand-made update

While the new design was lovely and did the job well, when I started running low on boxes I went to reorder more only to discover that the prices for custom printed mailer boxes rose by a silly 250% since the last time I ordered them in bulk. Instead of worrying about the cost, I focused on how I now have a good space for Dapper Notes production, and on how I've improved my screen printing skills over the past few months. 

I went online, bought bulk blank boxes in the size I needed at a fraction of the cost, had my screen maker burn some screens for me, and ordered inks from Screen Print Direct so I can take advantage of their easy to use color mixing system. I also redesigned a flaw with the boxes where the main design element was on the cover, so I had to place shipping labels on the underside, which meant the boxes were handled upside down throughout their journey to you. In the updated design, the cover is blank and the bottom is where all the fun details are at.

The end result is a box similar in design to the previous iteration, but with a more homemade and kinda vintage feel. I love how with a medium amount of effort I was able to bring the hand-made nature of Dapper Notes into yet another area of the experience. Some of the only things left for me to make by hand are the candy and pencils, though I'll likely never try. I have my limits.

Here are some photos of the final results, with a making-of video at the end too.

two color screen printed mailer box with branding pattern

inside custom printed mailer box with screen printing and tissue paper

closeup of mailer box edges with screen printed textures and text in two colors

custom subscription mailer box with Dapper Notes pocket notebook, Bic Clic pen, eraser, and Sunkist Fruit Gem

See how the boxes were printed

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