New design for an edition very few have seen (and how to score one)

New design for an edition very few have seen (and how to score one)

What edition? The secret one!

Everyone who bought Dapper Notes before knows that sharing equals more books. On every single notebook package there's a note encouraging you to share how you use your notebooks and stationery, and in turn promises a giveaway once every three months. 

You share once, and are entered to win indefinitely.

light green paper package is slightly open, inside darker green text denotes how to share and enter to win
The aforementioned note

"Fan edition" 1.0–1.5

I don't remember when I started doing this giveaway, but the design of this special edition has always remained a secret. Part of the fun in winning is not knowing what special notebook is coming your way, and from the get-go everyone who won got the same design. Pretty much.

Take 1

The first batch I made had a sky blue velvet cover, with a white bookcloth inside, a white unryu endsheet, graph pages, and white thread. It reminded me of fresh laundry hanging outside on a warm summer day, so I called it Tumble Dry.

Take two

After I gave out all of those notebooks, I wanted to make a second identical batch but couldn't find the velvet fabric again. So I ended up creating a very similar design where everything was the same, with the exception of the cover which used a suede paper material, one and the same as in the Shake edition, only in sky blue this time around.

Take three?

I eventually ran out of this batch as well, and since this past summer I haven't created any new ones to give away. Which means that yes, I have a backlog of winners to share notebooks with. Which is what this post is all about.

A brand new design is here

I finally got a chance to create a new design for the Fan Edition. This one is definitely a 2.0 sort of change. Its cover has a design that is inspired by my Moroccan family roots (you can kinda see a peek of it on this post's cover image). Inside you'll find a green bookcloth, a brightly colored dyed endsheet, half-graph pages, all sewn together with a dark green thread.

So how do you get one?

Simple! The same rules apply: share how you use your Dapper Notes notebooks and other stationery things, make sure to tag me so I can see your posts, and you'll be entered to win indefinitely.

I'm back on my quarterly schedule, so keep an eye out on Instagram to see if you've won.

Thank you for sharing the love always.