The infinity ampersand: a seven-year journey

The infinity ampersand: a seven-year journey

I guess it's about time I revealed what was in the December mystery edition. Years in the making, I finally refined my infinity ampersand design and created an edition to celebrate its journey. 

Enon Avital's infinity ampersand evolution from 2013-2020

Below is the cover for the mystery edition, with my (final) infinity ampersand design printed on a paper-like material. On the outside it almost looks like a standard kraft notebook, but it's also glued to a bookcloth like all other Dapper Notes, making for a heavyweight cover.⁠

And I replaced the EA bellyband logo with the ampersand, because why not.

cover of the infinity ampersand notebook cover by Dapper Notes

The inside of the mystery edition has TWO endsheets. The first is a super thin vellum with my original ampersand sketches. My personal favorite is the one that's raising its fists.

original infinity ampersand sketches, side 1

original infinity ampersand sketches, side 2

On the back of the mystery edition I wrote a brief history of how the infinity ampersand came to be.

back belly band of the infinity ampersand pocket notebook by enon avital and dapper notes

Here's what it says:⁠

Back in 2013, pre Dapper Notes, when I was working on Flatirony with my friend J. Sugar I decided to make my own ampersand. Creating a unique ampersand is a sort of designer right of passage, and I very much wanted to make my own mark. While sketching ideas I noticed that no one had ever before connected the bottom arms of the ampersand. I’m not sure if there’s a typographic rule against it, but connecting them ended up forming an infinity-like loop. And that’s how the infinity ampersand was born. My ampersand.⁠

It took the larger part of a decade for it to evolve into its final form, and I couldn’t be happier with the end result. The history and evolution is encapsulated inside this edition.