Dapper Notes Masks: Why Now?

Dapper Notes Masks: Why Now?

It's now September 2020, and it feels kinda late to start making masks. We've been in need of protective coverings when out in public for a while now, and sure, we have a long way to go before we can see each other's smiles IRL. But masks are available just about everywhere now, so why did I decide to create my own?

For a while, I was indisposed

Here's the full story: From March till June I wasn't making or selling anything, so the last thing on my mind was figuring out how to create some sort of masks for Dapper Notes.

But when I recovered and released a mountain of stationery stuff, I decided it was time for me to start researching mask making.

There's a lot of meh out there

What I found out is that aside from not being able to sew on my own (I tried my best), pretty much every mass-produced custom mask I looked at was either just fine or complete garbage. I know this sounds very harsh, but the reality is that a lot of the samples I got were completely useless as protective face coverings, poorly constructed, made of strange materials, or otherwise underwhelming.

The "just fine" masks were, well, fine for everyday use, but I realized that if I'm to make something that'll have "Dapper" in its name, it couldn't be just fine. And of course the poor-quality masks were completely out of the running.

I was actually surprised to have found so many masks that are ineffective or poorly made. It's disheartening to know that in the frenzy to create as many masks as possible, many people ended up spending their hard-earned money on face coverings that won't protect them properly and won't last. This in itself left me wanting to discover masks that are well-made and protective. But I got nothing. Well, almost. 

Friends to the rescue!

I was pretty much ready to give up on the idea of Dapper Notes masks, when a friend of mine told me about the ones he's been making. Fun fact: This friend was also my boss for four years in the early 2000s, and we still work together from time-to-time. As it turns out, the masks he creates are [drumroll please] exactly what I've been looking for. Here's why:

So what makes a Dapper Notes mask?

First and foremost the masks are handmade, which is in the heart and soul of Dapper Notes. They have custom fabric and designs on the outside, which is very much in line with all of the Dapper Notes notebooks I've made lately. More importantly: they are well-made, AND they provide good protective filtering.

The masks are very comfortable to wear for hours at a time. They have three (breathable) layers, and an extra disposable filter that goes into a special pocket for more filtration. They're adjustable (by both the ears and nose), they don't press up against your mouth, and they are 100% exactly the kind of mask I would proudly call Dapper. I was sold.

We ended up making nine different designs - some bold, many understated, all dapper. There are a variety of materials and prints, with some specifically made for more formal settings. 

To sum it all up: I looked, I gave up, but then it found me and here we are. 

There's a video too

Watch the video below for a 3-minute walkthrough on what makes a Dapper Notes mask. And for a limited time, buy 4 masks or more and get 10% off