I'm Starting Up Again - Here's How

I'm Starting Up Again - Here's How

Your Survey Responses

A short while ago I recorded a podcast episode with Stuart from Nero's Notes, where I explained that I had covid, I fully recovered, tested negative, and then asked for your feedback. I was hoping to hear from you how comfortable you were with me making notebooks again.

I'm happy to report that over three-dozen of you responded to my anonymous survey, with all but two saying that I can start making Dapper Notes right away, or that you had no preference. Two of you said you'd rather wait and explained:

Person number one said they're rather I wait so that I can take a break. While I appreciate the sentiment, I've been itching to make notebooks again, so thank you but we're all good. Person number two said that if I have "any reservation, please wait; take your best precautions, so will I." Well, I have absolutely no reservations about starting up again, and rest assured I'm taking several precautions. 

Precautions I'm Taking Include

  • Washing my hands every time I do anything notebook-related
  • Sanitizing all work surfaces
  • Packing orders with gloves

The CDC recently advised that covid-19 does not spread easily from surfaces, so with all of the above precautions, by the time your Dapper Notes package arrives there should be no concerns about the safety of opening it right away. 

The Next Edition is Almost Here

I'm already busy making the 26th Bookhead Club edition, along with some other surprises. I hope to release everything by the end of the month. 

More details in this podcast episode. Have a listen:



Thank you so much to every single one of you who took the time to send in thoughtful and deeply personal feedback. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart, and could not be doing what I do without you.

Thank you,
❤ Enon