VGHC's Hammer Time gets personalized notebooks

VGHC's Hammer Time gets personalized notebooks

I got to create a set of personalized notebooks for my friends over at the Violent Gentlemen's Hammer Time podcast. The notebooks are largely inside jokes and and only one of each design was made.

The Hammer Time on Air Sleep Journal for Brian

Hammer Time Podcast Game Rules Custom Notebook 

Topo Chico recipes notebook - for under caffeinated northerners

My favorite f-stops, a handy journal for professional photographers

Real men of pickle ball, a journal for practicing the game

Uncommon recipes for the Traeger aficionado - a recipe journal

Gambling debts from hot locales, a ledger

Tech I wish I could review as well as MKBHD

Not an actual notebook, with pages glued shut
I made three of this design, and all of the pages were glued shut.

The Grimaldi tours notebook: National Parks of the West Coast. The best 15% explored

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