Seven years, Dapper Notes, and a couple of changes

Seven years, Dapper Notes, and a couple of changes

Cheers to seven years!

This past January marked a whopping seven years since the first Dapper Notes went up for sale. I highly recommend reading the fifth anniversary post from two years back, which marks a lot of exciting milestones we've encountered along the way.

On the seventh anniversary I'm happy to share that:

  • We've had a nine edition collaborative streak so far, meaning the last 9 editions were each designed in collaboration with another artist
  • I'm sharing a lot more behind the scenes, now on a monthly basis via the Journey newsletter (which you can sign up for separately)
  • Large notebooks have become more of a regular thing
  • New non-notebook products are super fun to make and also resonate well with many of you
  • I'm creating a lot more by hand, especially when it comes to packaging

I'm so thankful to be able to create and share the love of stationery with you all. Thank you for an amazing seven plus years so far.

New notebook pricing

One thing that hasn't changed in all seven years is the price of my notebooks. From January 2016 till today, every standard sized Dapper Notes was priced at $15. 

As you can imagine, the cost of producing each edition has gone up and up and up non stop. I've been hesitant to raise prices for the past few years, but prices for paper, printing, fabric, glue, and literally everything I use to create Dapper Notes have gone up by a tremendous amount since 2016, and I can no longer shoulder the cost.

Starting February 2023, the price for standard sized notebooks will be $17. The price for a year-long Bookhead Club subscription will be $99.

Bookhead Club shipping

Similarly, the Bookhead Club has offered free U.S. shipping, and discounted shipping worldwide. Back when I started, shipping internationally was very affordable especially for small flat shipments like my notebooks. That has changed a LOT over the years, and is why I partnered with Nero's Notes back in 2018 (read about that here).

Here's a clear visual to show how much has changed when it comes to shipping costs for a one-year subscription:

2016 2022
Shipping To You Paid My Cost You Paid My Cost Difference
United States $0 $10 $0 $24 140%
Canada $9 $18 $12 $83 688%
International $18 $27 $30 $93 600%

The cost difference shows how my cost has changed, on average, to ship my notebooks to you. Yes, I know the non-U.S. difference looks staggering, and it is no doubt. But USPS has incrementally adjusted their prices each year, and I have not. So looking back over seven years of no changes on my end is definitely overwhelming, and noticing it as it happened was easier for me to ignore. But the time has come that I need to make some changes.

So how does this affect you?

  • All Bookhead Club subscribers will continue to benefit from discounted shipping rates, so you'll still save on shipping when compared to buying each edition individually. This will remain a benefit of joining the Bookhead Club, which also guarantees you'll get each edition, and provides a welcome kit plus occasional subscriber extras
  • Shipping for a U.S. subscription will now cost $15 (as opposed to about $25 if you purchase each notebook individually)
  • I am now offering a new mailing option for international subscribers called "no tracking". This option costs $15 to Canada, and $22 elsewhere. Your first shipment will be mailed tracked inside a welcome box, and shipments №2–№6 will be sent in a plain envelope with stamps. It's the most affordable way to get Dapper Notes delivered outside of the U.S., but note that untracked envelopes may take a while to arrive, and I cannot be responsible for lost shipments
  • All international subscribers can still opt for a fully-tracked package every time. The cost for this option is $60 to Canada and $75 elsewhere, both are discounted rates from what you'd pay when purchasing each one individually

Thank you again for your support and notes these past seven years. My biggest joy is getting to share my work with you, and I am actively thankful for it every moment I spend creating Dapper Notes.

If you have any questions, message me anytime.