Long Point Sharpener
Long Point Sharpener
Long Point Sharpener
Long Point Sharpener
Long Point Sharpener
Long Point Sharpener
Long Point Sharpener

Long Point Sharpener

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CLOSEOUT: Deeply discounting the last remaining “badscot” sharpeners. Save $3.25 while supplies last. 

I first discovered this fantastic sharpener at CW, and immediately fell in love. Produced by NJK, a family-owned business in Osaka Japan, it's lightweight and produces a perfect long point every time. After CW announced its closing, I immediately contacted NJK to stock some and make sure I'll never be without my favorite pencil sharpener.

The attention to detail at NJK translates to a super sharp blade that'll sharpen your pencils like butter, or as they say: a Samurai sword. This long-point sharpener comes in a clear plastic so you can see how much you've sharpened and when it's time to empty the shavings. A single replacement blade is included as well.

Sized at 1¾ × 1 × 2½, this might be the best pencil sharpener for you to take wherever you go. It is compact, lightweight, and is a must try for every pencil lover.

What's with the Mascot?

I tried screenprinting the Dapper Notes mascot onto these sharpeners with a special ink that adheres to plastic. Within a few print passes, the ink started to misbehave and open up the printing stencil. 

After several runs I gave up on printing the sharpeners and ended up with a few beautifully-printed ones (e.g. photo w/blue background), but also many that were printed imperfectly (see the orange background photo for some examples). The sharpeners themselves are still perfectly great, so if you don't mind my off registration printing, you can save and get one of the "badscot" sharpeners.

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Long Point Sharpener

As light as a feather, as sharp as a Samurai sword

That is the saying at the NJK family factory, and it holds true with this beautiful sharpener. It's the perfect size and weight, and sharpens beautifully every time.

Replacement blade included

A single replacement blade is included with each pencil sharpener, so you can keep going when the blade goes dull. And if you need more, there are always blade replacements in stock.

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