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The Pine

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Edition Notes

If you've seen Maggie Enterrios' work whose designs embrace all of the Monograph journals so far, you'll recognize her distinct fine-line work and detailed nature-inspired patterns. This particular design is a signature look of sorts, and is true to her handle @littlepatterns.

The Pine contains an emerald bouquet pattern on the outside, a freckled craft endsheet, 144 french-knot bound blank pages, and a slate bookmark. Edition of four.

Limit one per person

Monograph Journals Are

Fabric Covered

Every monograph cover is made from two materials: a good looking fabric on the outside, bound to .059cm book board.

Pocket Sized

Standard Monograph journals are 3.6 x 5.6 inches ~ 9cm x 14cm, and designed to be direction agnostic (used both left-to-right and R-T-L).

Hand Made

I believe that craft, quality, and details matter. My books tell a story, they're a true labor of love and you're going to love them too.

How Monograph Journals are Made