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Mystery Pack

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The mystery pack returns, with all of my saved experiments from the past year.

What's inside?

An assortment of not-for-sale Dapper Notes and other goodies, including:

  • Notebooks with fabrics that never got made into editions
  • Special editions I made privately for some brands
  • Edition production samples, including some from earlier runs
  • Notebooks that didn't pass inspections (uncut, miscut, unrounded, and more)
  • Other goodies

Each Mystery Pack this year contains between 2-4 notebooks, with a retail value of over $40. But then again, these notebooks are not for retail sale, except once a year in brown paper packaging. 

Can I make requests?

Sorry, no. All of the mystery packs are already wrapped and packed, just like you see in the photo. I have no idea which goodies are going to whom, doubling the mystery on all ends.

How many can I get?

Maximum two packs per person. 

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