notebook cover with beige background and an illustration of two crows sitting on fat tree branches that also have candles on them. the notebook is surrounded by various objects line pins, stickers, and a tobacco pipe
pocket notebook showing the design on both front and back covers. with birds in a tree, candles resting on the branches, and bones hanging from strings stretched between the branches
closeup of the pocket notebook insides with a brown endsheet cover, a wrinkled decorative endsheet that is also brown but slightly lighter toned
a journal design is shown standing on an orange tabletop. two notebooks are displayed at a slight angle, so that both the front and back covers show
orange paper packaging for a pocket notebook standing on a yellow tabletop. the packaging reads 'dapper notes and stationery' and is printed with letterpressed textures by mamas sauce
angled photo of a fabric notebook and various objects arranged neatly

Lights on the Mire

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  • Denim & bookcloth cover
  • Hand-made in Fair Lawn
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Edition #41 Notes

Some friendships arrive from the most unexpected places, like with Steve Kwasniewski who I met on a daily artist virtual coworking chat in April 2020 and still see almost daily. Steve is not only a great friend whose companionship has helped shape what Dapper Notes is today, but he's also a talented artist specializing in avian and nature illustrations using fine stippling. 

Stippling is kind of like pointillism, only done in ink and usually with a single color. Steve's illustrations are always eerie and created with a level of patience that is simply astounding. The same is true for Lights on the Mire, a very seasonal design, and you should definitely watch the video below to see Steve's drawing process.

Fray level: High

Most Dapper Notes covers are made using fabric, which naturally frays with use. Each material behaves differently, and this meter will help you gauge how much fraying to expect from your notebook. Read more about fabric covers

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Lights on the Mire specs

Steve Kwasniewski
Online at
Cover Material
10oz cotton twill denim
Material Fray
French Roast
Endsheet Material
Espresso soft Unryu
70lb graph
Cold Brew
Notebook Size
3½ × 5½ inches
Title Inspiration
In Mourning / Opeth
October 2022

Lights on the Mire

Coffee Tones

We paired Steve's cover design with warm tones as an homage to our daily "coffee chat" hangout, with a coffee-themed bookcloth, endsheet, and thread.

Stickers for Everyone

Another design by Steve Kwasniewski is included as a black and white sticker with every notebook, so you can enjoy even more of his detailed stippling work.

All in the details

Can you pinpoint what inspires you to write, to doodle, to journal your everyday? No matter the source, your Dapper Notes was made with extra care for all the little details, and is ready for you to capture life!

How Lights on the Mire was made

Every Dapper Notes notebook is made by hand, from scratch using a variety of materials including: a fabric cover that's bound to bookcloth, a decorative end-sheet, all sewn with waxed thread. Watch this video to see how they're made, step by step.

Dapper Notes notebooks are

Fabric covered

Every notebook cover is made from two materials: a good looking fabric on the outside backed by book cloth inside.

100% made by me

Straight from my studio in Fair Lawn, you’re getting premium paper, wax coated linen thread stitching, glue and a little love.

Shipped everywhere

My hand-made notebooks can be sent directly to you to any location in the world where USPS delivers.

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Dapper notes are the antidote to the digital age. Every item is handcrafted, hand-sewn, and designed for maximum delight.


Highest quality construction and materials, keen eye for detail, and delicious design, month after month.


Dapper Notes are the best quality pocket sized notebooks you can get. The textile cover and thread binding means the books will hold up through time. I love the thick paper as well; good for fountain pens.


I am a lover of texture, both visually and physically, so the different book covers are perfect for me!


Wow, beyond beautiful. They are very well made and sweet. Thrilled to have these gorgeous notes.


Beautifully made, exceptional craftsmanship, wonderful customer service!


I love this notebook. It's beautifully hand crafted, very sturdy, and makes a great conversation piece. 10/


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