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Giant Heart

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Edition Notes

Every edition of Dapper Notes notebooks is a one-time deal. I create a new design in a limited amount, and once it sells out I don't make more. One cover material however came back into the shop several times.

A cork-cover was originally used for the very first notebooks I ever sold, dubbed Pinot Gwar and Corkcupine. Later on I used cork again for the 2018 Summer of Sketching edition, and eventually made mini and junior-sized versions. Over the years I also created new batches of Pinot Gwar whenever people asked for more.

Starting today, I'm re-introducing a cork notebook as the first-ever permanent edition. Giant Heart uses the same cover material as the very first Dapper Notes, and is designed to echo the original notebooks. Inside you'll find a thin crimson endsheet, which was my material of choice for endsheets for the first years of Dapper Notes. I intend to keep on making these as long as the cork cover material remains available.


This edition contains: Cork on the outside, jet black bookcloth inside, with a crimson  endsheet, 48 [graph or dot-grid] pages on 70lb smooth white, and a yellow thread finish.

Edition fray: Most Dapper Notes covers are made using fabric, which naturally frays with use. Each material behaves differently, and this meter will help you guage how much fraying to expect from your notebook.

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