Black Lives Matter. Period.

Black Lives Matter. Period.

Hi, friend. I'm glad you're here. I am Enon Avital, the sole creator behind Dapper Notes, and this is where I stand both personally and as a stationery brand.

This isn't even a stance. It's a reality, and I'm voicing this here to be clear that if you don't agree with this, you may kindly bow out. 


  1. Racism is not "just political." Many people don't have a choice to see racism as a political topic that they can choose to move on from. If you do, there's a great amount of privilege that lets you do that. Please try to recognize that with others, racism isn't something they can ignore, because it's pervasive and present in their lives, always.
  2. Stationery can be tools to fight — or further— racism. I'm on the side of "fight". Whether it's a pencil that says "this machine kills fascists," or a special fundraiser by a stationery brand to combat systemic oppression of Black people; that's relevant and needed. And if you feel attacked and betrayed, consider why it makes you uncomfortable and what you can do to better receive and internalize this message.
  3. There is no "both sides" of racism. Period. 
  4. Black lives matter. All lives can't matter until Black lives matter. There's no equivocating that statement, and if you don't agree with that, you're not welcome here. If you do agree with that, welcome. Let's talk about notebooks, pencils, and all the amazing tools you can use to create ideas, spread love and compassion, show empathy, and fight fascism, racism, and hate.


If you are hoping to learn, there are so many places to get started. I'll link two that lead to so many avenues of learning:

Black Coffee with White Friends is run by Marcie whose mission is to provide a space for learning and re-learning. Join her Mockingbird History Lessons for Adults, or the Cream & Sugar book club, or just follow her blog and insta and listen, and listen, and learn. 

Rachel Elizabeth Cargle also provides tons of avenues for learning. Just follow her insta and listen, and listen, and learn.



(special thanks to Andy Welfle who allowed me to use his words from the Erasables facebook group)