2017 Lookback, #typewipe Edition

2017 Lookback, #typewipe Edition

 2017 was a wild year in many respects. Before it began I decided to make Dapper Notes my main focus, and at years' end I'm happy to say that all my efforts have paid off. I:

Apart from Dapper Notes, spending time with my family, and doing my full-time day job, I spent a wee bit of my extra time toying with Hebrew typography, and some other artistic pursuits. I:

  • Made 126 new pieces
  • Recorded 39 of them being destroyed, for your viewing pleasure
  • Was featured by Instagram themselves to welcome to Jewish new year
  • Participated in several dozen of the weekly #GoodtypeTuesday challenges
  • Participated in nearly all of the weekly #mesimaivrit challenges
  • Made many new friends 
  • Met several of those friends in person
  • Attempted to start a big project
  • Failed to start said project
  • Fixed up my home office to make it into a more accommodating studio
  • And lots more

Following is a one-minute recap of the destructions I remembered to capture throughout the year. (links to each of the pieces that made an appearance after the jump).

Enjoy, and happy new year!