A New Notebook Collection, Summer 2019

Make your mark with the twenty-first Bookhead Club edition. Available in two colorways and a new size

Behind the Scenes

Live Dapper is in the heart of everything I do. I was joined by filmmaker Fahad Jafarullah, who documented a short on Dapper Notes and making this special edition.

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EDC & Apparel

This collection launched in 2016 with pins, stickers, and an assortment of apparel.
All items are now sold out.

Live Dapper


Made with Friends

"Live Dapper" is the most collaborative Dapper Notes line yet. It all started with Mark creating a lettering design, and continued with my friends helping make the notebooks – from screenprinting for the very first time, all the way through packaging and documenting the process.

This collection is a true celebration of friendships, and my friends who are always there to help me live dapper and make Dapper things for you.

Mark Caneso

Lettering artist, type designer
Designed the "Live Dapper" logomark

Jaaz Joseph

UX designer, teacher, artist
Lead the cover + endsheet screenprinting

Jenni-Claire Jones

UX designer, developer, photographer
Helped with every part of the notebook production

Fahad Jafarullah

Art director, filmmaker, photographer
Filmed the process and edited a BTS video

Dan Gold

UX developer, photographer, traveler
Photographed part of the Live Dapper lookbook

David Figueroa

Photographer, designer
Photographed part of the Live Dapper lookbook

Make Your Mark

Live Dapper