Win a Sold Out Dapper Notes

Win a Sold Out Dapper Notes

When I make my pocket notebooks, if they don't come out flawless, I won't put them up for sale, which leaves me with a handful of slightly-less-than-perfect notebooks.

What does “a little off” mean? Most of the time it’s an imperfectly-placed sewing station (that’s the hole where the needle goes in), and the final threaded notebook doesn’t have the spine line up perfectly. Other notebooks are pressed a little softer than I’d like, and some may have a slightly angled cut on the edge. All in all, these are things you may or may not notice, but they scream out to me enough that I don’t sell them as my regular line of products.

Talk about quality control.

So here’s the deal:

The latest Tab XVII edition sold out rather quickly (many of you really loved the early summer vibes), leaving a few people asking if there is any way they can still get one. So I've decided to take a few of the imperfect Tab XVII notebooks and do a little giveaway. They're not the Dapper Notes you'd normally get, but they're free and there's only one way to get one.

How do you get one? Simple:

  1. Join the loyalty program by creating an account
  2. Share a link to Dapper Notes on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, your blog, or anywhere else you hang online
  3. Fill out the form below

 The giveaway will close Sunday April 30th, and winner will be announced along with an announcement on the next day's newsletter.