Instant Rewards, and a New Referral Program

Instant Rewards, and a New Referral Program

Did you know this shop has a rewards program?

That's right. I created the program in the first place because I wanted to have a chance to reward you for being my best hand in spreading the word on what I'm doing. I want to continue rewarding you, and so I've decided to make some changes that allow for rewards to meet my original vision, and also give you better rewards faster.

So what's changing? Two Things.

1) Referrals

From now on you don't need to create an account to earn referral rewards. After you complete a purchase, you'll see a window that prompts you to give 10, and get 15.

What does that mean? Instead of earning points for each referral, you'll get a 15% coupon you can use right away on any item in the shop (including the Bookhead Club). People you refer will continue to receive $10 off their first purchase of $25 or more. 

Note: A total of twenty-five dollars can be met by purchasing a Dapper Notes notebook ($15) and an enamel pin ($10), essentially allowing your friend to earn a free pin with their first Dapper Notes purchase.

2) Points to Redemption

There are three ways to earn points: creating an account (100 points), celebrating a birthday (also 100 points), and making a purchase (2 point for every $1 spent). As you accumulate points, you can redeem them for money to be used in the shop. I now lowered the amount of points you need to earn 💸💸💸. Here are the new amounts:

new rewards points redemption values

If you followed the numbers closely, you'll notice that the points are now valued at 3% back (or more) on your purchases. Setting the points up this way allows you to always know that whenever you shop at Dapper Notes, as long as you have an account set up you'll always get 3% back.

That's all!

Thank you so much for always providing me feedback, and always giving me the drive to experiment and create better work. I'd love to hear what you think about the changes, and if you have any suggestions to further improve meaningful rewards.

Take a look at the Rewards page, where you can sign up if you're not yet a member, and read more the program that is explained in great detail (including an extensive TOC section).


See the new Rewards Page