Making a Dapper Notes Pocket Notebook

Making a Dapper Notes Pocket Notebook

If you ever wondered what goes into making Dapper Notes, I filmed and edited a look into the full step-by-step process, from fabric roll to packaged notebook.

Every edition is made a little differently, and I normally do some parts in bulk (like gluing the covers), but this behind-the-scenes should give you a good idea of the details that are considered for each and every Dapper Notes I make.

Edition shown: Summer of Sketching 2018, a collaboration with Eric Friedensohn (@efdot)



Materials used:

  • Cork cloth
  • Black book cloth
  • Archival glue
  • Yellow chiffon (handmade) paper
  • 70lb smooth white paper with 8%K graph
  • Black waxed thread
  • White pigment ink
  • Embossing Powder

Tools used:

  • Homemade cutting table
  • Fiskars rotary cutter
  • Sable brush
  • Bone folder
  • Curved needle
  • Awl
  • Custom sewing station template
  • Mini spring clamps
  • Homemade sewing cradle
  • Excel knife
  • Homemade book press
  • 17" paper shear
  • Akiles corner rounder
  • Rubber stamp
  • Heat gun
  • Canon inkjet printer
  • Carl rotary trimmer
  • Hand embosser
  • Double-sided scotch tape