How to get your hands on a sold out Dapper Notes

How to get your hands on a sold out Dapper Notes

(Dapper Notes photo by @emmibee)

Regardless of whether you're already familiar with Dapper Notes, or coming across them for the first time, one thing you'll notice right away is that a majority of the editions are sold out.

How Dapper Notes are made

Once every other month I create a new edition of pocket notebooks. Each one is made from a unique combination of a fabric on the outside, a colored bookcloth inside, a fancy endsheet, and a colored thread to accent the cover design. I make one large batch before each release with enough for all Bookhead Club subscribers, and then some for general sale.

Most of the time I'll use the entirety of the fabric to make as many notebooks as possible, other times I'll have some left over. If you're looking to get a sold-out Dapper Notes…

Ask me

Yup! That's it. Just send me a message, and if I still have materials to make the one you want, get in touch and I'll be happy to create it for you. Edit (September 2020): I'm no longer creating one-off editions. Please read this guest post for context.

Check Nero's Notes

Stu at Nero's Notes is the only stockist for Dapper Notes and is located in the U.K. You can sometimes get older editions there, so should be your first stop.

Ask around

There are several paper, pen, and notebook communities online where people trade a variety of brands including Field Notes, Word., Baron Fig, Log+Jotter, and Dapper Notes. If the edition you like is sold out, there's high chance you'll be able to get your Dapper Notes by asking some friends.

Wait for a surprise Tuesday

Every so often on a random Tuesday I'll announce a special release of a handful of Dapper Notes for sale. These are small batches of sold out notebooks for which I still have materials to make new ones. It doesn't happen very often, but if I have the time and the mood strikes an announcement will be made on Instagram, so follow @dappernotes (and turn on notification alerts if that's a thing you don't mind doing).

Get one right away

This won't help you with finding previous editions, but newsletter subscribers get first dibs on each Dapper Notes, so if you you can get yours when a new one is announced. Better yet:

Join the Bookhead Club

Also only helpful for future releases, but signing up for an annual subscription will guarantee that you'll get every single Bookhead Club edition ahead of the its release. With a discounted price and free U.S. shipping, the Bookhead Club subscription is certainly the best way to join me in my stationery adventures and never miss out.