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How to Get Free Shipping, and Other Shipping Tips

As of January 2018, USPS changed things up and made it much harder to ship orders affordably. Shortly thereafter, I partnered up with Nero's Notes to make shipping to the UK and Europe both faster and more affordable. 

If you're in the U.K.

Purchase Dapper Notes singles (or a Bookhead Club subscription) straight from All orders at Nero's Notes over £15 ship free in the United Kingdom. 

For friends in the United States

You have several options to save on shipping:

  1. All orders over $120 ship free in the United States (which works perfectly for a double Bookhead Club subscription)
  2. Place an order for any of these items (only), that are all eligible for free shipping

If you're shipping to Canada

Similar to US savings:

  1. All orders over $120 ship free to Canada (which works perfectly for a double Bookhead Club subscription, saving you over $30)
  2. Place an order for any of these items (only), that are all eligible for discounted shipping to Canada

For everyone else

If you live in Europe, order Dapper Notes directly from for affordable (and fast) shipping

And no matter where you live, take note of the following options:


  1. All orders over $250 ship free, worldwide. (You can partner up with friends, and get 4 Bookhead Club subscriptions that'll ship for free!)
  2. Place an order for any of these items (only), that are all eligible for discounted shipping worldwide
  3. All of these on-demand products also ship at more affordable rates, worldwide. Just make sure to only include products from this collection in your order.

I hope this helps in making your shopping experience a little more affordable. And as always, let me know if you have any questions. I'm here to help.