Dapper Notes: Behind the name

Dapper Notes: Behind the name

Dapper Notes weren't always named that way.

How my pocket notebooks were born

Back in 2013 I was working on a print and tee business with a good friend of mine. We had lots of clever copy, and some fab lettering to go with it, but we wanted more; to make more than just tees and prints. We wanted to create something unique that no one else had done.

Our experiments led us to pocket notebooks, and to the first iterations of what eventually became Dapper Notes. Back then we called them "Implausibooks." I'm not exactly sure what we though implausible about these notebooks, nevertheless, I still think that name has a sweet ring to it.

Taking a twelve month pause

As some things go, that business wasn't destined to last. Life became, well, life-ey, and Implausibooks were put on hold, indefinitely. I guess you could say they were implausible, after all.

February of 2015 brought on the next chapter of my creative pursuits. I started lettering in Hebrew, and sharing my results on Instagram. The response was great, my account grew, and I found myself playing with #dimensionaltype more and more. People liked those Hebrew typography designs I'd made, and asked for prints to hang in their homes. That was when I first opened shop online.

The real deal finally comes around

After a while the same itch returned, that one to create more tangible goods beyond just prints and tees. Well, not tees, but you get the idea; it was time for something new. So I decided to revisit the Implausibooks formula, and see where it leads me.

Suffice to say, my experiments resulted in some of the finest, most giftable notebooks I've ever seen. I knew I was on to something, and put the first few batches online for sale. 

Since I placed them in my Hebrew Type shop, I called them "Hebrew Type Books." All of the original designs sold out right away, and I found my non-print groove.

Pivoting to "Dapper Notes"

Hebrew Type Books were well-received, but over the first year of crafting them, the number one and two questions I was always asked were: “What about ‘Hebrew Type Books’ is 'Hebrew' or 'type'-related?” and “Do I have to use them right-to-left?”

Well, the answer is not exactly. You can use them in either direction, and there isn't anything particularly Hebrew nor type-esque about them.

So starting December 2016 I renamed my handmade pocket notebooks for good. They are now called Dapper Notes, the same great materials and construction as Hebrew Type Books, but with a name that everyone can understand. Basically:

"New package, same great taste."

Why "Dapper Notes"?

First of all it's a pretty snappy name and fun names tend to be more memorable. So there's that. More importantly, though, I wanted to choose a name that reflects what my notebooks are about, and in one word can convey what's special about them. They are quite dapper, they make a great gift for dapper folk, and they can be paired with an outfit like a pocket square.

Dapper indeed.

Plus: Dapper Notes aren't just a notebook but also an accessory, and the new name reflects exactly that.

Follow Dapper Notes

You can share Dapper Notes with this handy url: dappernotes.com, follow the new Instagram account @dappernotes (there's a Facebook page and Twitter account too, if that's where you hang out), and tag your photos #dappernotes for a chance to win the secret fan edition.

I hope this change clears things up, and gives everyone the right, dapper feeling.

♥︎ Enon