Holiday Releases and Saving on Shipping

Holiday Releases and Saving on Shipping

Over the past few months I've been tirelessly creating stationery products for the Dapper Notes lineup. This holiday season I'm releasing several new products, notebooks, accessories, and other exciting things. 

Since I won't be dropping all items at once, I wanted to give you a heads up of my plans, and make sure you don't waste money on shipping. 

The Schedule

  1. The first holiday drop is during Black Friday weekend. If you know Dapper Notes, you have a pretty good idea on what to expect. Edit: Monster Dave has since been released.
  2. At the very beginning of December I'll be opening the holiday shop. Most of the new products will be released at that time.
    There is also a new product type that will launch at this time, but I'll be releasing a new style from this line every following day for a total of eight styles.
  3. About a week later the eighteenth edition of the Bookhead Club will arrive, alongside a companion accessory.

Dealing with Shipping

For those not counting, there will be a total of ten different days where new products are being released, which leads to an interesting problem. Most of these items will be a limited quantity release (some with only 2-4 of that product), and holding reservations on the Shopify platform is a rather complicated if not impossible task. 

I'd hate to see those who supports my work waste more money on shipping costs. To that end, here's how you'll be able to shop all season long and not worry about shipping:

1. Place your order as usual.
2. Leave a note during checkout with a request to hold your items. (e.g. "Please hold my holiday orders")
3. Once Edition #18 is live, I will combine all your orders into a single package, and refund you for all the extra shipping you paid on each separate order.

Questions? Get in touch.
Happy holidays, and thank you for your support.

p.s. Shout out to James for the idea! You're the real MVP.