This is a special edition, and the 19th installment of #enonspiration, where I celebrate a few creatives who inspire me. Coinciding today with #GoodtypeTuesday, where the prompt is to letter their names. So I did both, carving the usual hashraa (השראה) “inspiration” in a kiwi, and lettering four artist’s names on the outside (scroll through this post to see them all). Go check them out and show them some well-deserved love:


Some of my favorite illustrations are those that inspire whimsy, but can tell a whole story in one frame. Chen’s (חן) metaphors are always on point.



When it comes to paper crafts, there are few who are able to balance both lifelike dimensions and smooth lines, count amongst them Nyssa’s (ניסה) work.



Collages can oftentime be eccentric, yet Hagar (הגר) pulls off work that is magical, and eccentric in the most delightful way.



David (דוד) is a fellow #hebrewtype artist, with a focus on precise, thin-stroked, uplifting calligraphy.


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