Starting up February with the 18th installment of #enonspiration, and celebrating a few black creatives who inspire me. Go check them out and show them some well-deserved love:


Jarrett’s mantra “anything is possible” happens to be one of my favorite pins too. If I keep on saying it, wearing it on my heart, really believing it, and trying my damn hardest to make it true, things can seem just a bit more possible.


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When one takes a spin on something all the way, like Leanne’s fauxligraphy, that’s when real magic starts to happen. Also: any fan of Dapper Notes gets endless high fives from me forever.


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Remember when in design school you had to like arrange words to convey a feeling, and it was always “meh?” Well, Danielle’s lettering is bold, deceptively simple, and radiate with feeling. She’s a master of matching character to mood.




Lydia (Wahito)’s photography is the kind of stuff I could only dream to capture, but totally never will. With a bonkers good eye for vibrant colors and movement, this is hashtag in my dreams.


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This blog was just started by Marcie, and every page on it is gold. Her writing captures so so much, and I can’t help but swallow up every word, and listen.




A master of typography, Adé’s flexibility is nothing short of astounding. Visit his profile for a highlight story with many more talented black letterers to follow. And special thank you, Adé, for helping us poke small holes in all our bubbles.


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