A Goodtype Tuesday Collaboration

A Goodtype Tuesday Collaboration

Two years ago, I collaborated with Eric Friedensohn on the Summer of Sketching Dapper Notes. We met through @goodtype, and decided to give back: $1 per book towards the Goodtype Stay Sharp Scholarship fund.

Who's Goodtype?

It's the only community account on Instagram that not only shares lettering and typography, but also fosters an actual community. Brooke, the founder, creates weekly challenges, where prompts are given to help fuel creativity. (I've found myself using these prompts as a lifeboat during many creative dry spells). Goodtype also has weekly takeovers, where artwork beyond lettering is often featured. They share behind-the-scenes into artists studios, run a scholarship fund, and so much more.

I've been a fan of Goodtype's work since I discovered the community in 2016, and after having donated proceeds from the Summer of Sketching edition, I always itched to make a full Dapper Notes collaboration.

A Million Thanks

After recently hitting the 1M mark on Instagram, Goodtype starting using the weekly #GoodtypeTuesday prompts to share gifts with the community.

This Tuesday, July 9th, 2019, my collaboration dreams have come true, and I'm joining forces with Goodtype for a special Tuesday prompt, alongside a new limited edition.

A Special Edition

On a very short timeline, I created a limited edition Dapper Notes, in Goodtype red, and with the Goodtype "g" printed onto the cover fabric.

Listen to this podcast episode to hear all the details of how this edition came to be.


The Prompt

Join the July 9th, 2019 prompt by lettering the words "Live Dapper".
To live dapper is not only about externalities, but taking care to surround ourselves with great people, to be good to one another, and strive to be our kindest selves. "Live Dapper" is a small token of a reminder to that end: are we making ourselves and those around us feel dapper today?

To officially enter your artwork for eligibility to win one of three Goodtype X Dapper Notes notebooks you must:

  1. Post your image by Thursday, July 11th at 11:59 PM (or 23:59)
  2. Tag your entry @Goodtype and @dappernotes and hashtag it #GoodtypeXDapperNotes and #GoodtypeTuesday
  3. In the caption, tag someone who makes you feel special and tell us how they might be living a dapper life.
  4. Have fun!


Check out all of the winners in this journal post.