How Do Dapper Notes Perform with Fountain Pens?

How Do Dapper Notes Perform with Fountain Pens?

Every Dapper Notes has the same 70lb smooth paper inside, and while it always worked well for my penciling needs, I often get asked about how they perform with fountain pens and other inks. I'm not exactly a fountain pen user, but thankfully Justin from Write eXperience offered to test, photograph, and review how Dapper Notes work with fountain pen nibs and inks.

Special thanks to Justin for his remarks and photographs. Go check out his blog for stationary reviews, and follow @writeexperience on Instagram as well.

Justin's Review:

Good paper thickness - not a lot of bleed through, appropriate for the 70lb weight.

No sheening properties.

Reasonable dry time - not great for lefties, but fountain pens can be problematic in general.

Some bleed at the edges - became more prevalent with thicker nibs and wetter inks. However, for a non-coated fountain pen friendly paper, this is actually good. Not as fountain pen proof as Tomoe River and Rhodia / Clairfontaine, but for a pocket notebook - pretty good!

Photos below show front and back of each sheet from Justin's tests, photographed by @writeexperience 

If you have questions about Dapper Notes paper or anything to add, let me know.

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