Made for Railway Station Press

Postal Riders

Kickstarter release

My third collaboration with Stuart Bradley of Railway Station Press is a custom edition for his Kickstarter project, launching this notebook alongside other Hokusai collectibles.

Postal Riders

Edition Notes

Based on Hokusai's woodblock number 13 from his "36 Views of Mount Fuji" series which shows three horsemen riding fast along a dike over the Sumida River in the 1830's. These riders were called "hayauma" and carried mail, government documents, and goods. They wore these distinctive flat straw hats.

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Customization specs

Cotton satin
Shoji Chiri Kawairi Japanese Paper
70lb smooth white
Dapper Notes paper boxes in coordinating colors
How Postal Riders was made

Every Dapper Notes notebook is made by hand, from scratch using a variety of materials including: a fabric cover that's bound to bookcloth, a decorative end-sheet, all sewn with waxed thread. Watch this video to see how they're made, step by step.

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