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tis the season

Made for Gary at Notegeist to celebrate the season of change from fall to winter with his latest online popup. Notegeist is a place for stationery lovers, and there are few people who enjoy pocket notebooks as much as Gary does.


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Edition Notes

As written by Gary: 
Pinecones have a deep and varied history of importance and symbolism across many cultures. To the Aztecs, they represented spirituality and immortality, while the Egyptians, through later interpretation, use pinecones as staff tips, symbolizing the pineal gland and the point in the body where energy culminates. The Celts saw pinecones as symbols of fertility and regeneration. In our bodies, nestled snugly in our brains between our so-called left-and-right personas, the pinecone-shaped pineal gland invokes endless intrigue in mysticism, known sometimes as our 'third eye,' 'dream center,' or 'mystic seed.' The Dapper Notes × Notegeist PINEAL exclusive notebook can be where you energize intentions, or give new ideas immortality from writing them down in a small, precious notebook.

Customization specs

Pre-made fabric with pinecone/evergreen illustration
Tree bark
Dot grid on 70lb smooth white
Belly Bands
Custom printing with brand information
How Dapper Notes are made

Every Dapper Notes notebook is made by hand, from scratch using a variety of materials including: a fabric cover that's bound to bookcloth, a decorative end-sheet, all sewn with waxed thread. Watch this video to see how they're made, step by step.

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