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Sticker Packs for iPhone

סוב סוב סוב Stickers for iPhone

Sov Sov Sov

Mi yemalel? Me!

Basically everything you need to celebrate Hanukkah, and spread that light.

Includes several dozen stickers, a way to light your own menorah, and a game of spin the dreidel!

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hanukkah sticker pack for iMessage

כן לא Messages Sticker App

Kenn Lo

Yeah, no, definitely, this is sof hadereh.
Saying it with a sticker in Hebrew? Hazaaaak!

My first foray into the App Store universe, this sticker pack includes common flavorful exclamations, and traditional greetings.

Have a phrase you'd like to see added?
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kenn lo hebrew stickers for iOS 10

undefined Messages Sticker App

Milim Tovot

Sharp words from the gutter.

Coming soon.

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