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Triangle Barrel Pencil

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The Dapper Notes pencil is a true HB made for #2 pencil lovers. Its barrel is made of natural, uncoated ultralight wood, and has a triangle shape with round corners that make up a comfortable grip.

The pencils hold their point so you don't have to sharpen frequently, and they fit any standard-size sharpener. (I prefer the Kum Masterpiece)

Dapper Notes pencils are available as singles or in a pack of eight.

Please note that if your order is under a certain weight and you see "no tracking international shipping" during checkout, your pencil will ship in a simple envelope with a stamp. It's very affordable but is not a very protective packaging, so keep that in mind if you opt to use that shipping method.


Pencil Reviews

“Love the barrel shape.”

“Such a lightweight pencil, barely feels like you're holding anything, which is great for my tired hands.”