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C2. Nitro (Craft Series)

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Craft Series 3-Pack

Craft Series is an annual line of everyday pocket notebooks, made with 100lb French Paper covers, 48 pages on 70lb smooth white, and a saddle stitch finish with white staples. 

What's different about Craft Series?

The regular Dapper Notes you know and love are made with a double-cloth cover, contain an extra onion-skin layer, and are hand-sewn with a wax thread finish. Craft series notebooks have the same smooth paper inside, and unlike their cloth-covered siblings are saddle stitched (stapled) over cover stock.

Nitro Edition

Each pack in the edition contains one of each: Wine Jellybean Green, and Hot Fudge. Available in either grid or blank.

Important Note

Nitro packs are being made to order, and not guaranteed to arrive in time for holiday gifting. If you'd like your other items on hand for giving, place a separate order for your Nitro packs.

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